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Students learn about core concepts of programming: branching, iteration and functions.

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This course is intended for anyone who needs to know about moving & handling

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The Course written to satisfy the specification for Paper 1 & 2  Computer Science GCSE

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Clarissa Wolman

“Excellent course. Clear and concise with very good code-along. I’ve tried a number of other data science courses since doing this one (this was my first), but I think this one captured the most information in the clearest manner. Well done. Highly recommend for people starting out both in data science and in python.”


Lora Spielberg

“I have been an Instructor on for 3 months and have found students reviews really valuable. ”


Christopher Brown

“The conversion course worked very well for us with around 95% of our staff completing the course in advance of go-live.
It would have been incredibly difficult to provide training to around 1,500 staff, in a time appropriate manner, without the e-learning course.”

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